What are the aims of the ICT 4 Inclusion challenge?

More information on the aims of the challenge
To leverage digital innovations in order to improve or to provide access to education for people with disabilities in Africa.

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We are looking for digital innovations that provide or improve access to education for people with disabilities in Africa. This includes solutions that tackle specific challenges in classroom settings, remote/online learning settings, and/or informal learning settings. Solutions that facilitate the acquisition of employer-relevant digital skills for persons with disabilities are also welcome.

We are looking for solutions that can scale and have a meaningful impact. Teams or individuals with promising solutions will be invited to a two-week professional incubation Bootcamp and receive further support.

Are you developing a digital device and/or application, that facilitates inclusive education? Do you have a concrete idea to raise awareness for inclusive education using digital technologies? Do you develop digital assistive technologies to be used in classroom settings? Do you work on accessibility solutions for online learning environments? Yes? Then you are what we are looking for! Take part in our ICT4Inclusion challenge and shape inclusive education in Africa!

We expect you to provide a digital solution or a solution with a significant digital component to improve access to education for persons with disabilities in Africa. Your proposal should be ready to demo by the end of the bootcamp at the latest.

Are you unsure whether your solution fits our challenge? Feel free to get in touch with us.

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Intellectual workshop

What’s in it for you?

Whether you are a tech-savvy digital entrepreneur who tackles challenges with a solution-oriented approach or if you are someone directly impacted by a lack of accessibility to education with an idea on how to improve the situation; if your submitted idea is successful, you will be provided with the unique opportunity to turn your idea into an operating and impactful solution.

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What are we looking for?

What are we looking for?

We wish to foster & scale digital and technical innovations that provide or improve access to education for children, youths and/or adults with disabilities in Africa.

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More information on why this challenge is crucial now

Why is this challenge crucial now?

Education is the foundation on which inclusion is built. However, children and young persons with disabilities in Africa are significantly less likely to attend and complete basic and higher education.

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