Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for the ICT 4 Inclusion challenge - Africa edition

This ICT4 Inclusion Challenge (the “Challenge“) is sponsored by Atos and GIZ as a partnership of Make-IT Alliance (the “Sponsors”).

The aim of these terms and conditions is to set the Rules governing your participation in the Challenge. By registering for this Challenge, you fully and unconditionally agree to comply with the content of these Terms and Conditions.  If you do not agree with any of its Rules, do not register for this Challenge and do not submit an entry.

1. Terms

This Challenge begins on August 12th, 2021 at 12 PM CET and ends on December 3rd, 2021 with the Awards ceremony. The Mentoring stage compensation for winning teams will end on March 3rd, 2022 at 11:59 PM CET. The Challenge will be accessible 24 hours a day on the dedicated Challenge websites operated by Atos at https://www.ict4inclusionchallenge.net and https://www.ict4inclusionchallenge.org (“the Challenge website”), subject to possible IT maintenance operations and malfunctions. Dates and times in these Rules refer to Central European Time (CET).

2. Agreeing to the Terms and Conditions

Any eligible person who is registered on the Challenge website and enrolls to participate in the Challenge (“Participant” or “You”), is required to review and accept these Rules.

By accessing and accepting these Rules, You:

  • enter into a valid and enforceable contractual relationship with the Sponsor regarding participation in the Challenge. The registration and enrolment in the Challenge do not set up any subordination relationship between the Sponsor and the Participant, and
  • fully and unconditionally agree to comply with these Rules. Participants express their agreement by checking an online box while enrolling for the Challenge.

In the case of non-respect of these Rules, the Participant will be immediately disqualified from the Challenge and no prize will be awarded.

3. Registration and participation in the challenge

To take part in the Challenge,  your completed registration must have been received by September 15th, 2021 – 23:59 (CET).

To register, the Participant must have truthfully and accurately completed required information, such as full name, email address, etc. asked in the registration form.  Any registration based on inaccurate, false or incomplete information will result in the Participant’s disqualification. 

Refusing collection, recording and use of their personal data that is strictly necessary to performing the Challenge will result in the Participant’s disqualification.

The participant is solely responsible for the information he/she provides while its registration. Any intentional or non-intentional mistake, anomaly or inconsistency, regarding this information, may result in the Participant’s disqualification. Sponsors reserves the right to proceed all necessary verifications regarding the Participant’s identity, postal and/or email address.

The request of deletion of a Participant’s personal data as in accordance with the Privacy Policy during the ongoing Challenge will be deemed as a withdrawal from the Challenge. In this case, the Participant, will not participate in the Challenge, and will not obtain any compensation. You must also have accepted these Rules of the Terms and Conditions as well the Privacy Policy, during your registration to the Challenge.

Registration for and participation in the Challenge is free, with no purchase or payment obligation.

If any accessibility issue would not allow to fill the registration form, people with disabilities are welcome to describe the obstacles they experience and reach out to the Challenge Sponsors via email (ICT4InclusionChallenge@atos.net) and ask for an alternative way to receive the questions and submit the answers in case no solution for the faced issues can be identified for Challenge stage one.

4. Eligibility criteria

Eligible to be participants in this challenge are teams or individuals identified by a name given for the purpose of participation in the challenge composed of:

  • at least one individual
    • being a permanent resident in Africa
    • or if non permanent resident in Africa with a partner organisation in Africa
  • other team members are not mandatory but possible to be registered for their participation in the next challenge stages and being awarded

In addition, to be eligible it must be ensured that 

  • Each registered participant is over the legal working age in their country of residence
  • The proposed solution is not yet on the market.
  • None of the participants is Atos or GIZ employee as this Challenge is not open to employees and representatives of the Sponsor.

All the documents that may confirm the Participant’s eligibility can be required prior to awarding any prizes at a later stage of the Challenge (e.g. identity document, registration, etc.).

If participating on behalf of an organisation or business entity, regardless of its business area, the organisation, entity or Startups may be required, in Sponsor’s sole discretion, to provide proof of (i) company registration by submitting a registration certificate issued within the last three (3) months, or ongoing company registration, or any trade registry and proof ensuring the registration of the entity in the relevant country, and (ii) a valid professional insurance policy subscription during the Challenge. 

Participation in the Challenge must be individual (Individual Participant registered) as an Organisation or Startup.

Participants enter the Challenge either as individual or as an individual on behalf of their legal business organizations. During the registration process, the Participant must designate if being part of a company/organization for contact purposes with the Sponsor. This person will be responsible for registering the organization at the Challenge and participate in the Challenge on behalf of the organization. If the team has the nature of a Company, Startup, NGO, or other, this nature must be declared during the registration process.

As a Startup participating in this Challenge, you represent and warrant to Sponsor that such individual participant (i) is an authorized representative of the Startup and is participating in the Challenge on behalf of such company, and (ii) has obtained all necessary approvals to enter the Challenge, including all persons qualified to grant any intellectual property rights to Sponsor. Any individual who is employed by a Startup may also submit its participation as an Individual Participant.

This Challenge is void in countries where it is prohibited or restricted by law.

5. Purpose of the Challenge and Participation

The goal of the Challenge is for Participants to submit contributions (innovative idea, mockup or proof of concept stage) meeting the requirements determined by the Sponsor in the Challenge description and rules of the Challenge webpage, and that are formalized by deliverables , namely the registration form content in the preselection phase and the pitch deliverables for the final selection.

The information provided by the Sponsors include all necessary information regarding various deadlines, details of the prizes, requirements etc. , all accessible through the Challenge website.

6. Deliverables

During the Challenge, Participants 

  1. may upload during the submission stage any content, documents or other materials (such as texts, presentations, videos, etc.) relating to their innovative idea, mock up or proof of concept to the Challenge website in response and as a proposed solution to the Sponsor’s Challenge (the “Initial Deliverable”).
  2. may upload and share live any required content during the final selection for the pitch stage as a solution to the Sponsor’s Challenge (the “Final Deliverable”).

The Initial Deliverable can be an innovative idea, mock up or proof of concept, the Final Deliverable shall be at the proof of concept stage. Please have a further read here in this blog about the Sponsors expectations.

To be eligible, all Deliverables must

  1. address the specific issue set out in the Challenge description and questions the Deliverable (answer) is responding to,
  2. be in English,
  3. for optional files be in a common digital format, such as
    • PDF
    • image file format (for example, .jpg, jpeg, .png, .gif, .svg)
    • video file formats (for example, .mp4, .mov, .avi)
    • Microsoft Office file formats (for example, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx)
  4. and in general, terms must comply with these Rules presented on this page.

If a Deliverable cannot be downloaded, is not in the right format or is incompatible, illegible, or unintelligible, the Deliverable will be disqualified. The additional files shared in the registration form are optional and not mandatory for the registration to the Challenge. 

By submitting a Deliverable, Participants represent and warrant that:

  • The Deliverable includes exclusive contributions from the registered team.
  • Otherwise, if the content from a third party has been used in the development of the Deliverable, all rights, authorizations and agreements necessary to submit the Deliverable and grant the rights mentioned herein have been obtained. The existence of uncredited third-party contributions in the Deliverable will result in the disqualification of the Deliverable and the related Participants;
  • No other individual and/or entity is entitled to claim any rights from the use of the Deliverable; and
  • The content of the Deliverable does not and will not infringe or violate any rights of any third party or entity, including, without limitation, intellectual property rights, privacy, competition law, confidentiality, or any contractual or extracontractual right. All deliverables suspected of any law(s) and/or any third party’s right will be ineligible.

Participants are responsible for and shall bear any costs or expenses associated with preparing and submitting Deliverables. Participants assume all risk of damaged, lost, late, incomplete, invalid, incorrect or misdirected Deliverables.

7. Process of the Challenge

  • 7.1 Challenge Stages

The Challenge consists of several stages:

Stage One: Idea Submission

Registration form submission containing initial deliverables describing the innovative idea, mock-up or proof of concept will be accepted from August 12th, 2021 – 12 PM (CET) to September 15th, 2021– 11:59 PM (CET).

Stage Two: Selection

Information Communications Technology, Education, Diversity and Inclusion & Africa experts will evaluate the submissions. Up to 10 winning teams will be selected to proceed to Stage Three.  Evaluation criteria-based voting will take place from September 16th to September 30th , 2021Eligibility criteria are checked and the judges (Sponsor members and named independent external judges) will evaluate by voting the Deliverables based on their content for the communicated evaluation criteria. All teams having sucessfullt submitted a solution will get feedback via e-mail, latest by the start of the bootcamp.

Stage Three: Virtual Bootcamp

Participants of selected teams will be invited via email for a virtual training Bootcamp delivered by Impact Hub to work on their idea alongside selected elite mentors and prepare for pitching to the jury. This mandatory event will be in English only and take place from November 8th to November 19th, 2021 from 1-5 pm CET on working days.  At the end of stage three, all selected teams are expected to proceed with their work accompanied by their mentors individually to move their idea or mock-up to the next level and reach for a proof of concept as the final deliverable for the Challenge.

Stage Four: Proof of Concept Pitch 

Participants must present in form of a 3 minute pitch + Q&A their proof of concept of their innovative solution in English to a panel of 11 top-notch jury members coming from the Sponsors and from independent Organizations. This mandatory event will take place November 30th, 2021 from 3-5 pm CET. The exact time and procedure will be announced by the Sponsors later during Challenge Stage Three.

Stage Five: Awards

Awards to the winning teams will be presented during a public live event held at the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, December 3rd, 2021 from 10.30-11.30 am CET. The exact agenda will be announced by the Sponsors later during the Challenge on the webpage.

Stage Six: Post-event Mentoring

The three winning teams will receive tailored 3-month mentoring from January to March 2022 & the non-mandatory opportunity to pitch their solution to Atos Accelerator program.

7.2 Withdrawl from the Challenge & Deliverables

If a Team/Participant does not provide the registration form content as required before the deadline or is not confirming presence for the virtual Bootcamp or does not pitch their proof of concept, this will be considered as a withdrawal from the Challenge. The Participant may not join the Challenge, and may not obtain any compensation from the Sponsor.

Deliverables must be provided in English, deliverables in other languages are not eligible to the Challenge.

7.3 Outline of the required content for Stage One 

Here is a list of questions an individual participant is asked to provide in the Idea Sublission Phase. Teams are asked a few additional questions on the nature of their team  and the additional personal data of other team members.
  1. Participant’s personal details
    • Family name, Given name
    • Gender
    • Residence country
    • Organisation
    • Your role/ jobe title
    • Expertise/role in the team (describe your contribution to the team)
    • Your Contact E-Mail address
  2. Partners contact details : We remind you that in this challenge focuses on teams having a link to Africa. If you have no African resident in your team, this partnership is crucial.
    • Do you have an African partnering organisation for this submission
      • What is the name of the organisation?
      • What is the nature of this organisation?
      • Who is your contact person in the organisation for your submitted solution?
      • E-Mail address of the partner, please type it twice to avoid errors.
  3. Information on Relevance and applicability
    • Title of the solution:
      • Describe the title of your solution in a short sentence. For example, “Affordable assistive virtual reality kit for classrooms in remote locations”
      • What is the maturity stage of your solution? Read more about the maturity at: https://ict4inclusionchallenge.org/2021/07/28/what-are-we-looking-for/
        • Innovative Idea
        • Mock-up
        • Proof of Concept (PoC)
        • What is the specific problem and/or which barrier(s) your solution is addressing?
        • How does your solution provide or improve access to education for children, youths and/or adults with disabilities in Africa?
        • What are the technical aspects of your solution?
        • What is the target geography for your solution?
          • Country specific
          • Regional
          • Global
          • Other. If Other, please specify.
        • Which specific target geography or geographies your solution is addressing? For example, “The solution addresses the Central African Republic with a potential to be extended to nearby African countries such as…. “
        • For what settings is your solution designed? You can select multiple answers.
          • School classroom settings
          • University lecture/seminar settings
          • Online learning environment
          • Informal learning
          • Employee learning & development programs
          • Technical and vocational training solution
          • Other. If Other, please specify.
        • What are the accessibility and affordability aspects of your solution?
        • How does your solution contribute to social, economic, and systemic change for people with disabilities in Africa?
        • Do you see a business opportunity in your solution? Describe why.
        • What motivated you to come up with this solution?
        • Do you have previous experience with solutions for inclusive education or disability inclusion in Africa or elsewhere?
  4. Information on Innovation
    • What is innovative about your solution?
    • What makes your solution different from similar solutions?
  5. Information on Sustainability
    • How your solution is scalable?
    • What are the risks that may be associated with your solution and technology?
    • What is your idea on how to ensure the solution is being used 10 years from now?
    • What support do you need for implementing your solution?
    • Please select what you need for implementing your solution? You can select multiple answers :
      • Financial resources
      • Product development
      • Human resources
      • Marketing
      • Network and partners
      • Other. If Other, please specify.
  6. Information on Potential impact
    • Please estimate the potential impact of your solution by grading between 1 one to 5, with 1 meaning there is no impact, 3 is medium impact and 5 is high impact:
      • inclusive education in Africa
      • the social change
      • the economic change
      • the systematic change
    • How does your solution impact inclusive education in Africa, and why did you give it this rating?
      • Inclusive education change example: students with disabilities have a voice and are asked to evaluate the quality of their experience with education and training providers.
    • How does your solution impact the social change, and why did you give it this rating?
      • Social change example: it becomes easier for adults who become disabled to re-train, acquire new skills that lead to new jobs.
    • How does your solution impact the economic change, and why did you give it this rating?
      • Economic change example: assistive devices have become more affordable for students, families, employers, and educators. Families with children and adults with disabilities move out of poverty.
    • How does your solution impact the systematic change, and why did you give it this rating?
      • Systematic change example: mainstream education and training programmes become attractive to and barrier-free for trainees with disabilities.
  7. Additional/ Optional information and comments
    • Website or Social Media Links about your solution
      • You can provide additional information, documents, a mock-up, video pitch or Proof of Concept (PoC) information supporting your application via email which is optional.
      • Requirements are to respect the following formats:
        • Single file(s) no larger than 100Mb
        • PDF
        • All image file formats (for example, .jpg, jpeg, .png, .gif, .svg)
        • All video file formats (for example, .mp4, .mov, .avi)
        • Microsoft Office file formats (for example, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx)
        • You can send us by email up to 5 files
    • Do you have any needs in terms of accommodation and support in your team (e.g. Sign language interpretation) so you can attend the Bootcamp? If Yes, please elaborate your specific needs.
    • Other comments 

Additional questions to teams : 

  • Up to 5 participants personal data can be added
  • Does your team consent the participation?
    • Can you confirm the persons nominated in team can participate in the bootcamp and will be able to reserve the dates from 25th October to 5th November 2021, if the team is selected. The participation of at least 1 team member is mandatory to enter the challenge. Failing to do so, another team will be selected and given priority.
  • What is the setup of your team?
    • Start Up
    • Company
    • Entrepreneur
    • Education institution
    • NGO
    • Team of individuals not yet having any legal nature defined
    • Other. Please specify.
  • Do you have a partner organization in Africa for this solution?
    • We remind you that in this challenge focuses on teams having a link to Africa. If you have no African resident in your team, this partnership is crucial

7.4 Evaluation criteria

You agree and acknowledge that the Challenge relies on your creativity, capacity, ability, and ingenuity to solve difficult problems. The Challenge does not depend, even partially, on chance or luck, and therefore should not be considered as a lottery. Under no circumstances are factors such as appearance, religion, membership in a trade union, political opinion, gender, sexual orientation, or disability considered. This is as such enhanced by the fact that the evaluation of the submitted ideas, mock-ups, and proof of concept by the judges is not linked to your personal data as Deliverables are shared anonymized only using the Team’s name as an identifier with the selection jury after eligibility check.

7.4.1 Evaluation criteria for stage Two: Selection

Judges may evaluate and select the Deliverables based on their content and the following evaluation criteria:

Relevance and applicability (25% weighting)

The solution shall improve access to education for children, youth, and/or adults with disabilities in Africa and be affordable, accessible & realisable. The approach of mainstreaming, meaning the participation of people with disabilities to the design, creation, realisation, or testing of the solution is highly encouraged.

Innovation (25% weighting)

The solution shall prove to be new in the creative and innovative in how to reach the goals. Existing services and products already on the market are excluded from the competition. It is expected that participants research if there are similar solutions and identify how their solution is different and new.

Sustainability (25% weighting)

The solution is an idea, a mock-up, or a proof of concept (PoC) and shall have the potential to be scaled to a sustainable solution and business.

Potential impact (25% weighting)

The solution shall have the potential to foster social, economic, or systemic change and represents a business opportunity.

Ranking to identify teams to proceed to virtual Bootcamp

Except as otherwise provided below, the (8) Teams and their participants with the highest score at the end of this vote will win this vote and proceed to the next stage. In case of tie/too close results discussions will be held with judges to select the teams going to the next stage.

7.4.2 Evaluation criteria for stage Four: Proof of Concept pitch

The final evaluation criteria will be communicated to all participants of the Virtual Bootcamp in forefront of the Pitch of the Proof of Concept.

7.5 Notifications to and Confirmations by Participants

Once the selection has been completed, Participants will be notified by the Sponsors by email of the results of each stage.

Participants will be notified by email to the address they used to register about the results of Stage One approximately three to two weeks before the announced starting date of the virtual Bootcamp. The first 8 teams were invited via e-mail at the 12th October 2021.

In the case a Participant does not confirm his/her attendance in the time period defined in the notification email, the Sponsor reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify this Participant. This disqualification shall not entitle the Participant to claim any kind of compensation from the Sponsor and will allow qualifying a team and their Participant(s) following right after in the ranking to the disqualified team.

Thus, later notice may happen if a selected team gets disqualified and stage three has not yet started. The latest notice may happen 4 days prior to the start date of the virtual Bootcamp. Non-selected teams will be notified at the end of the process when all teams going to the Bootcamp have been indentified. 

The Sponsor will be free to alter the dates on which results are released should this become necessary due to the number of projects to be assessed or other project constraints. Changes will be communicated transparently to the participants on the Challenge webpage.

The three winning teams decided by the final jury will be announced before the Awards ceremony and will identify the Participants that are finalists to allow their preparation to attend the Awards Ceremony. The final ranking will be announced during the Awards Ceremony latest.10

8. Prizes

The prizes to be awarded to Challenge winners are subject to all of the following. They are awarded to the winners of the Challenge and are subject to compliance with the following cumulative conditions:

  • The Deliverables comply with Section 6 (“Deliverables”);
  • Each Participant of a winning project, complies with Sections 9 (“Communications”) and 11 (“Intellectual property”);
  • It can be proven that the winning Participants fulfil the conditions of eligibility of Section 4.
  • The participants were participating to the virtual bootcamp and not disqualified by the Sponsors for reasons specified in Section 7.

Subject to these Terms and Conditions, once confirmed by Sponsor, the winner(s) will receive the following: 

  • First Place Prize of EUR 6,500 money prize to be used for further developing the Proof of Concept
  • Second Place Prize of 2,500€ money prize to be used for further developing the Proof of Concept
  • Third Place Prize of 1,000€ to be used for further developing  ping the Proof of Concept

In addition, the three winning teams will be awarded a dedicated 3 month-long tailored mentorship and be offered the opportunity to pitch to Atos Accelerator programme.

No prize will be awarded to winners who do not fulfil the above.

No assignment or transfer of prizes is allowed by a winner. If a potential winner cannot be reached, is unable to accept the prize or any portion of the prize for any reason, the Sponsor shall have no further obligation to such a potential winner. Sponsors will not replace any lost or stolen prizes after being awarded to winners. Winners will accept the prize “as it is”. The sponsor disclaims any warranty regarding the Prizes.

In the event a Participant (a winner) cannot be reached, by email or by phone, for more than three (3) months after the first attempt to reach them was made, he/she will be deemed as having waived their right to claim the prize and will not be entitled to any prize or any kind of compensation. 

If the prize as initially planned is unavailable, Sponsor will be free to substitute another prize of similar value. Any such decision is at the Sponsor’s sole discretion.

Any Participant who does not fulfil the conditions of Participation as provided in the Rules during their registration and/or at any time during the Challenge will be summarily disqualified from the Challenge without prior notice and will not be entitled to any prize. In the event that a prize is awarded to a Participant who does not meet the conditions of Participation when registering or throughout the duration of the Challenge, the Sponsor reserves the right to require the Participant to return the awarded prize.

9. Communication

The Participant acknowledges and consents that Sponsors may, throughout and for the duration of the Challenge and for a non-defined period and for a minimum of 1 year following the Award ceremony, use the Challenge and the photos, recordings or other content produced during public events like the award ceremony  for publicity, including for Sponsor’s advertising or other marketing purposes, (by any means and through any format (website, advertising banners, social networks, newsletter, press release) now known or unknown to date, free of charge or for a consideration.

In particular, you consent (if you are a participant in the virtual bootcamp or a winner) the using, by Sponsors, of your name and surname, your city and residence country, the name of the organization for which your participated or in which you obtained your diplomas and other biographical information, your expertise and role in the team, your image, the information regarding the Prize, the name of your team and/or company and its distinctive signs (if you are a company or Startup) and any other personal data that you submit with your Deliverables as well as the content of your Deliverables relating to the Challenge for Communication about the Challenge. 

As an example, each Participant to the Virtual Bootcamp, Pitch and Award Ceremony authorizes the Sponsors using the photographs taken during these events to disseminate them via any communication medium.

Such use does not entitle the winner to any other payment than the Prize he/she/they received.

The Sponsors agree to cease using of the aforementioned elements in connection with the Participant using his rights i.e. for the deletion of these data at any moment as explained in the Privacy Policy 

10. Confidentiality

Sponsors have no obligation to keep the information contained in the Deliverables confidential. In general terms, when submitting any Deliverables, the Participants understand, agree and accept that any information contained therein may be publicly disclosed by the Sponsors.

If you are a prize winner, Sponsors may approach you to encourage you to execute a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement for the purpose of entering into negotiations regarding the further development of your solution, as described in your Deliverable.  Such confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement will be directed to your Deliverable and all intellectual property that it may contain. There is no obligation to enter in such negotiations.

Furthermore, Participants acknowledge that Sponsors may currently or in the future be developing information internally, or receiving information from other parties, that is similar to the information contained in any of the projects. Accordingly, nothing herein shall prohibit Sponsors from independently acquiring, developing, or having developed for it, products, concepts, systems, services, or techniques that are similar to or compete with the products, concepts, systems or techniques contemplated by or embodied in any Deliverable.

The Participants recognize that other Participants, individuals or entities may have provided Sponsors or others, or made public, or may in the future submit, or make public, content that is the same or similar to any piece of information contained in any of the proposed solutions. Hence, the Participants acknowledge, agree and accept that Sponsors shall have the right to use such same or similar materials, and that the Participants will not be entitled to any compensation arising from Sponsors’ use of such materials.

11. Intellectual property

11.1 Definitions 

 For the purposes of the readability of this section here some definitions:

  • “Intellectual Property Rights” refers to any copyright or other rights over a brand, a design or a model, a patent and, more generally, any element, (including trade secrets and know how), that may be protected by national and/or international laws or conventions on intellectual property (“Intellectual Property Rights”)
  • “Previous Rights” refer to any Intellectual Property Rights and/or any associated know-how held by the Participants before the start date of the Challenge (“Previous Rights”)
  • “Creations” refer to any software (including source and object code software), database, technical specifications, text, design, model, information, knowledge, method, process or product, as well as any resulting elements and/or processes likely or otherwise to be protected according to national and/or international laws or conventions on intellectual property developed by any Participant as a part of any submitted deliverable throughout the ICT 4 Inclusion Challenge (“Creations”).

11.2 Warranty of non-infringement

When submitting any Deliverable, at any stage of the Challenge, each Participant guarantees to Sponsor that he/she is the co/owner and/or co/holder of the Intellectual Property Rights regarding all or part of the Creations contained in the Deliverables submitted at any stage of the Challenge, and that he/she has obtained all rights and permissions regarding all pre-existing Creations and any elements of the Deliverables for which he/she does not hold the relevant rights.

Each Participant guarantees (i) that his/her contribution is original and unprecedented; (ii) that it do not infringe upon the copyright or any Intellectual Property Rights of any third party; (iii) that all the elements of which his/her submissions are formed, as well as all pieces of contributions and information communicated in the submission presentation documents are accurate, reliable and complete; and (iv) that the submission of the relevant Deliverables does not constitute an act of unfair competition of any kind.

It is compulsory for Participants to indicate the source of any pre-existing Creations of whichever nature and on whichever support that are included in any submitted deliverable. Any Deliverable involving several Participants constitutes a collaborative work and it should be treated as such in accordance with the applicable regulation in force.

11.3 Liability 

Sponsors cannot be held liable for any infringement of the above provisions by Participants. Each Participant shall indemnify Sponsors against any disturbance, action, claim, opposition and demand or eviction attempt from any third party in connection with any Creation in the Deliverables (Intellectual Property Rights included).

11.4 Participant owner of Intellectual Property rights

By submitting a Deliverable and participating in this Challenge, you are not granting Sponsors any rights to any intellectual property supporting all of part of the Deliverable and Sponsors makes no claim to ownership of your Deliverable or any intellectual property that it may contain.

A separate agreement is required to be set up for the successful idea marketing by Sponsors outside the scope of the challenge.

12. Modification of rules, suspension and cancellation of the challenge

12.1 Update of the Rules

The Sponsors reserve the right to amend these Rules of the Terms and Conditions at any time, including the Challenge duration in case of operational imperatives, without prior notice to Participants regarding the enforcement or the validity of these amendments.  Participants are encouraged to consult these Rules regularly. Participants expressly waive all claims or disputes related to any amendment to these Rules by the Sponsors.

Should any paragraph of these Rules be declared or judged illegal, unenforceable or void by a court decision, the paragraph in question will be considered null and void, but all other unaffected paragraphs will be enforced within the limits of the law.

12.2 Challenge Cancellation or Suspension

The Sponsor reserves the right in its discretion, to

  1. cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Challenge and these Rules, for any reason, at any time and without any liability, and
  2. to limit or restrict participation in the Challenge, i.e. due to operational constraints in case of too many incoming submissions to handle selection.
  3. The Sponsors will not be held liable for the modification, cancellation or suspension of the Challenge and no compensation or remuneration will be due to the Participants

13. Limitation of liability

The Sponsors will in no way be held liable in the event of breakdown or failure, regardless of the cause, of any telecommunications network used that causes Participants difficulty in or prevents Participants from gaining access to the Challenge website.

Without limiting the foregoing, everything on the challenge website and in connection with the challenge is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.  Some jurisdictions may not allow the limitations or exclusion of liability for incidental or consequential damages or exclusion of implied warranties, in which case such limitation or exclusion shall apply only to the extent permitted by the law in the relevant jurisdiction.

Participation in the Challenge implies acknowledgment and acceptance of the characteristics, limits and risks of the internet and related technologies, particularly with regards to performance, response time, the security of software and computer equipment against various potential attacks, such as viruses, logic bombs or Trojans, and loss or misuse of data. As a result, the Sponsors will not be held liable in any way for any damage incurred by Participants arising from these characteristics, limits and risks, which Participants accept by registering and taking part in the Challenge.

The Sponsors will not in any case be held liable for damages resulting from faults with or delays in the submission of deliverables by Participants, including refusal to accept these deliverables as a consequence of their submission outside the deadlines set out in the Rules, from faults with or delays to the sending of any emails by the Participant sent as part of the Challenge, or from any alterations made to the deliverables independently of the Sponsors.

This website has been compiled with the utmost care. Nevertheless, the Sponsors give no guarantee that the information provided is accurate, complete or error-free. The sponsors accept no liability for damage or loss arising directly or indirectly from the use of this website, provided it has not been caused intentionally or by gross negligence.

Atos expressly reserves the right to modify, append and delete the website in part or in whole without prior notice, or to halt publication completely or for a limited period.

This Challenge website contains links to external sites. Responsibility for the content of the external sites linked to this website always lies with their respective publishers. 

The Sponsor will not in any case be held liable for damages resulting from services provided by a third-party relating to the prizes, i.e. during the Virtual Bootcamp or Mentoring stage.

The Sponsors will not be held liable for the consequences of a Participant’s disqualification from the Challenge as a result of their violation of these Rules.


14. Personal data protection

Participation in the Challenge requires the communication of the Participant’s personal data (“Personal Data”).

Participant’s personal data is subject to processing within the meaning of the regulations on the protection of personal data (GDPR) for which the Sponsors define the purposes and means and are, as such, “Data controller” within the meaning of the GDPR.

Sole data controller of the Challenge webpage and the stage one idea submission registration form is Atos until end of the Challenge phase two.

In accordance with these Terms and conditions, all sponsors need to have access to the data of the Participants invited to be present to Challenge stage three : the Virtual Bootcamp.

In accordance with the provisions of the GDPR, the Sponsors undertake to implement organizational and technical security measures in order to protect all Participant’s Personal Data. The Sponsors all undertake to allow the exercise of their rights from GDPR.

Go to the Challenge Website Privacy Policy to be accepted for the Challenge registration.

In addition, if you wish to consult the Sponsors websites and privacy policies:

15. Claims

Any Participant’s claims arising from the Challenge, should be addressed no later than thirty (30) days following the Challenge Award Ceremony to ICT4InclusionChallenge@atos.net.

All claims must include: (i) the Participant’s complete contact details (name, address, email address and phone); (ii) the name of the Challenge; and (iii) a clear and detailed explanation for the claim.

16. Applicable law and disputes resolution

The Challenge and any action related thereto shall be governed by the law applicable in Germany.